The Conservative Action Project, chaired by former Attorney General Edwin Meese and former Congressman David McIntosh, is designed to facilitate conservative leaders working together on behalf of common goals. Participants include the CEO’s of over 100 organizations representing all major elements of the conservative movement-economic, social and national security.

October 3, 2013

Conservative Leaders on Harry Reid’s Obamacare Shutdown:

“We urge all Americans to commend Republican leaders and House and Senate members for standing firm against Democrat intransigence. Encourage them to continue fighting to end Obamacare.”

Americans know that Obamacare is a law that is hurting people. They have already seen the President’s unequal application of the law, the delays, the carve-outs, the special favors, the insults to our values. They have seen the lost jobs, the reductions in hours, and less money in each paycheck because of rising premiums. They worry that they and their families will have worse health care and more uncertainty than they had before. The American people are demanding an end to this terrible law. It is time to make Washington listen.

Thankfully, House Republicans are listening. After hearing from their constituents during August and September, they passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) that funded the entire government except for Obamacare. Despite heroic efforts from conservative senators, President Obama and Senate Democrats re-inserted full funding for Obamacare. In a good faith effort to negotiate a solution, the House sent over two additional CR’s with more modest Obamacare delay proposals; again President Obama and Senate Democrats rejected them. They went as far as rejecting a simple request to form a conference committee to resolve differences. Ultimately, the inability of President Obama and Senate Democrats to even entertain the notion of negotiating on Obamacare led to the shutdown of the federal government.

During this Obamacare shutdown, we have seen the Obama Administration deploy federal agents to keep World War II veterans from visiting their memorial–despite the fact that during previous shutdowns memorials and monuments remained open. We have seen Senate Democrats unwilling to come to the negotiating table to listen to the American people, stop Obamacare, and end the shutdown.

Meanwhile, House Republicans have soberly done the work of attempting to fund and re-open the parts of the federal government that typically enjoy broad support–national parks, veterans, national security, and research funding. By passing bills on items where there is broad agreement–in order to continue to debate Obamacare–House Republicans are doing the serious work to end the shutdown while stopping Obamacare. Unfortunately, President Obama and congressional Democrats are continuing to insist that all of government remains shut down.

We urge all Americans to commend Republican leaders and House and Senate members for standing firm against Democrat intransigence. Encourage them to continue fighting to end Obamacare. No procedural gimmicks, no tricks, no backroom deals. No stealth debt-ceiling increases or kick-the-can-down-the-road strategies. Now is the time to hold the line to end Obamacare. We can and must win this fight. Conservatives are standing with you. The American people are standing with you.

The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Former Attorney General
President Ronald Reagan

The Honorable David M. McIntosh
Former Member of Congress

Brent Bozell

Mike Needham
Heritage Action for America

Chris Chocola
Club for Growth

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

Erick Erickson

Al Cardenas
American Conservative Union

Bob Reccord
Executive Director
Council for National Policy

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots

Amy Kremer
Tea Party Express

David N. Bossie
Citizens United

Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum

Penny Nance
Concerned Women for America

Duane Parde
National Taxpayers Union

The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell
Constitutional Congress, Inc.

The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
Former Domestic Advisor
President Ronald Reagan

The Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop
Former Advisor
President Ronald Reagan

The Honorable Alfred S. Regnery
Former Publisher
The American Spectator

Bill Walton
Rappahannock Ventures LLC

Gary Marx
Executive Director
Faith & Freedom Coalition

Mathew D. Staver
Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Tim Wildmon
American Family Association

Ned Ryun
American Majority

Morton Blackwell
The Weyrich Lunch

Myron Ebell
Freedom Action

Susan Carleson
The American Civil Rights Union

Gary Aldrich
Chairman of the Board & President
CNP Action, Inc.

Frank Cannon
American Principles in Action

Ron Robinson
Young America’s Foundation

Frank Gaffney
Center for Security Policy

Elaine Donnelly
Center for Military Readiness

Ken Hoagland
Restore America’s Voice

Craig Shirley
President Ronald Reagan

Diana L. Banister
Citizens for the Republic

Ginni Thomas
Liberty Consulting

Richard Norman
The Richard Norman Company

Bob Adams
Founder & President
Revive America USA

Andrea Lafferty
Traditional Values Coalition

James Lafferty
Executive Director
Christian Seniors Association

Matt Mackowiak
Executive Director
Fight for Tomorrow

Peter J. Thomas
The Conservative Caucus, Inc.

Angelo Codevilla
Professor Emeritus
Boston University

Cindy Chafian
The Mommy Lobby

Patrick A. Trueman
Attorney at Law

Beverly Gossage
HSA Benefits Consulting

Lee Beaman
Nashville, TN

Robert K. Fischer
Fischer Furniture, Inc.

Don Racheter, Ph.D.
Iowa Republican Platform Committee