The new 5G technology is an extremely dangerous international threat. Former acting CIA Director Michael Morell explains that if China gets a jump start on the rollout of 5G, then it will have the capacity to monitor communications, sabotage industrial systems, and “will have a significant head start economically, in cybersecurity and in signals intelligence — i.e., in promoting its economy, protecting its secrets and stealing those of its rivals.”

China is using these technologies in awful ways against its own citizens. SenseTime, a Chinese technology company specializing in AI and facial recognition, is partnered with the Chinese government for national surveillance of its citizens capturing data with 170 million closed circuit TV cameras and newer systems which include smart glasses worn by police officers on the street. This offense can enable the State to determine each citizen’s ability to buy and sell in the marketplace.

The Trump administration is keenly aware of these threats and is working to discourage our allies from partnering with the Communist Chinese technology companies.

Eagle Forum Report is grateful for Patrick Wood’s clear explanation that G5 is far more than a cellular phone speed upgrade. Lt. Gen. Campbell offers expert knowledge of the values of technology used for national security with stringent legal protections and Congressional oversight to protect citizens. We must conclude that G5 can be used for good such as for the military, but also for horrors as is currently being imposed on Chinese citizens. Eternal vigilance is mandatory!

Cathie Adams