May 26, 2017

Davis-Oliver Act
Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) recently introduced the Michael Davis, Jr. and Danny Oliver in Honor of State and Local Law Enforcement Act (H.R. 2431 “Davis-Oliver Act”) which was marked-up in the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday. The bill was named after two California law enforcement officers who were killed by an illegal immigrant. This act would give power back to local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws consistent with federal law. In order to ensure these laws are enforced, it authorizes the hiring of 12,500 ICE agents and gives them the resources they need.

The Davis-Oliver Act extends to sanctuary cities as well. United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a directive on Monday requiring sanctuary cities to prove they are in compliance with federal laws or they lose their federal grant money.  This bill adds additional penalties to the Trump administration’s directive in the case they are not obeying federal law. This keeps local entities accountable and American citizens safe.

To read more about what the bill does, click here. We will be watching this bill as it moves through Congress.

The Pay-Off of Paid Maternity Leave

Ivanka Trump has been very outspoken on the issue of paid maternity leave since her father assumed the Presidency.  Unfortunately, this has been a nod towards the feminist movement. On Tuesday, President Trump’s proposed FY18 budget included $19 billion financing mandatory paid maternity leave.  The states will be responsible for the implementation and financing of the six-weeks leave, even if they cannot afford it. A payroll tax hike is expected to pay an estimated $13 billion of that amount.

As Phyllis Schlafly had stated in a previous article, “Employee decisions that preference family over job come with a price.”  Not only does it come with a massive price tag, but it undermines a woman’s career.  A 2017 study showed that women whose employers expanded maternity leave benefits were less likely to receive promotions or hold management positions. What is thought to be a benefit for mothers turns out to be a disservice to women.

Currently, several GOP members have spoken out against the plan. This gives a sense of hope that it will be cut out of the upcoming budget bill. We will be having conversations with Members about this issue and monitoring its movement in Congress.

We will keep you posted on these and other developments as we learn new information. Until then, please stay tuned to the Eagle Forum website, and the Eagle Forum Facebook page.

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