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Capitol HillColleen on Capitol Hill
The Lame Duck Congressional session is almost over, and although conservatives have reason to be disappointed, we can rejoice that no serious damage was done – YET. The House of Representatives is expected to adjourn on Friday, and there are indications that the Senate might be in session on Monday.

Vote to Impeach IRS Commissioner
On Tuesday, House Republican leadership brought the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskiner to the floor for a vote. However, leadership offered a motion to refer the impeachment back to Committee to give cover to weak-kneed Members and avoid controversy. This impeachment could have signaled strength to give the American people hope that they stand ready to fulfill President Elect Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” But, it appears that we need to keep working to strengthen their spines. Click here to learn more about the dynamics surrounding this bill. Click here to see how your Congressman voted on this bill.

Continuing Resolution
The House did approve a Continuing Resolution to continue funding the government through March, 2017. Although this “CR” leaves in place funding we oppose, such as Planned Parenthood funding, this was the preferred option over an omnibus or minibus spending bill. This continues funding on a temporary basis, allowing Congress to revisit the budget when they are not subject to veto threats. Thus, we will be hard at work when the 115th Congress convenes in January advocating for a budget that reflects results of the recent election.

Kevin and Avonte’s Bill H.R. 4919
We are closely watching H.R. 4919, a bill that would provide federal funding to provide tracking devices for people with Autism and dementia. A Senate companion bill passed unanimously on July 14, 2016. Click here for more information about this bill. We are especially disappointed that House leadership scheduled this potentially dangerous bill for the suspension calendar, where the bill could pass by voice vote.

We will be watching the House votes closely as leadership (on both sides of the aisle) has historically used the last few hours of the Lame Duck session to pass unpopular legislation, often by voice vote, with no record of how each Representative voted, hoping it will go unnoticed.

We urge you to contact your Representatives to tell them to vote NO on H.R. 4919, and to pay close attention and to be on the lookout for 11th hour mischief during the waning hours of the 114th Congress!!!

If you have any questions or legislative concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Colleen at cholcomb@attorneyholcomb.com or call 757-277-4848

Column Corner

Trump Takes Charge
Sunday night’s town hall telecast from Washington University in St. Louis was a reminder of why Donald Trump dominated the field of 17 candidates who tried out for the Republican presidential nomination. Trump’s compelling performance in the second presidential debate was one that none of the other Republican hopefuls could have given. 10-12-16 Read column

Death of Phyllis Schlafly

Reflections by John Schlafly

Reflections by Andy Schlafly

Reflections by Anne Schlafly Cori

Phyllis Schlafly Condolences

Memorial Celebration of Phyllis Schlafly’s Life at Eagle Council on Saturday, September 17 at 10 a.m., St. Louis Airport Marriott, 10700 Pear Tree Dr, St. Louis, MO 63134

Statement on the Death of Phyllis Schlafly

On September 5th, Phyllis Schlafly passed away in the presence of her family at her home in St. Louis, Missouri.

An iconic American leader whose love for America was surpassed only by her love of God and her family, Phyllis Schlafly, an indomitable pro-family grassroots advocate and organizer, was 92 years old. Mrs. Schlafly was preceded in death by her beloved husband Fred and is survived by six children along with 16 grand and 3 great grandchildren.

Phyllis Schlafly spent an astounding 70 years in public service of her fellow Americans. Her focus from her earliest days until her final ones was protecting the family, which she understood as the building block of life. She recognized America as the greatest political embodiment of those values. From military superiority and defense to immigration and trade; from unborn life to the nuclear family and parenthood, Phyllis Schlafly was a courageous and articulate voice for common sense and traditional values. She authored 27 books and thousands of articles. She spoke tens of thousands of times across the United States.

Her joy in life was evident to all through her smile and wit.

For more, please contact Ryan Hite at 314-721-1213 or ryan@eagleforum.org

Visitation will be held on Friday, September 9 from 3-8 p.m.

Kriegshauser Mortuary-West Chapel
9450 Olive Blvd.
Olivette, MO 63132

Funeral Mass will be held on Saturday, September 10 at 2 p.m. Reception to follow at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (New Cathedral)
4431 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

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