March 8, 2018
Contact Your Representatives Now: End Obamacare!

Congress is moving on the newest budget bill to avoid a government shutdown by March 23. Even with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, we may not see a Conservative budget.  One of those reasons is that Leadership is considering a bailout of Obamacare. Remind Congress that we elected them to end Obamacare, NOT bailout Obamacare.

The “Affordable Healthcare Act” is turning out to be not so “affordable”.  As premiums rise, some Republicans think that they need to throw our money at it.  A proposed $30 billion of our taxpayer money will continue this damaging program and fund plans that allow for abortions.  Language is already on the table to subsidize insurance companies who treat low-income patients and create high-risk insurance pools, giving yet another handout.

Lawmakers are still in negotiations and need to hear from you!

Call or email your Representatives to urge them to vote NO on any bailout of Obamacare in the upcoming budget bills (H.R. 3354 / S. 1662). 

Email Your Congressman and Senators

Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121