February 20, 2018
Please Contact Illinois State Legislators to Vote NO on ERA

Liberal groups have announced that passing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in Illinois will be their major focus this year, and they are putting lots of pressure on our state legislators to support the ERA.  With this in mind, please reach out to your Illinois state representative and state senator by phone and email as soon as possible, and encourage them to vote against the ERA.  They need to hear your support, and they need to be reminded that the ERA will harm women, the unborn child and our society.  I’ve included information below to help with contacting your legislators.

Please also reach out to others to educate them about the problems of the ERA so that they are able to see clearly through the false emotional smokescreen being presented by the supporters of the ERA.  The supporters are claiming that there are no negative effects with the ERA, and that there is no connection between the ERA and abortion.

Here are a few talking points that you may want to share with your legislators and others. Here and here are documents containing more details about the ERA battle.

  • The broad language of the ERA does not allow for any distinctions or differential treatment whatsoever to be made between men and women in our laws, policy or practices, even when it makes sense to make distinctions based on biological differences.
  • The ERA will be used to write abortion rights into our U.S. Constitution with the rationale that restricting access to abortion is a form of gender discrimination (since it singles women out for a physical aspect unique to them).
  • We’ve already seen states mandate taxpayer funding for elective medicaid abortions based on their state ERAs.
  • Several of our Supreme Court Justices have also voiced their willingness to see abortion restrictions as a form of gender discrimination.  A federal ERA would give them the ability to establish full access to abortion during all 9 months of pregnancy as a guaranteed civil right.
  • The ERA does not allow exemptions for privacy in bathrooms, locker rooms, hospital rooms, nursing homes or prisons – all would have to be unisex.
  • Current beneficial programs for women will be abolished – Some of these programs include separate prison facilities for men and women, workplace accommodations for pregnant women, and WIC (medical and nutritional support for low income mothers and their children)
  • The ERA will mandate that women be included in the military draft and placed in front-line combat in equal numbers to men.
  • In spite of current gender neutral language, social security benefits for stay at home wives and mothers would be abolished because Justice Ginsberg says it violates the “equality principle” by encouraging women to stay home.
  • The ERA will not resolve the gender wage discrepancy.  Much of that discrepancy is based on the life choices women make.  Instead the ERA would overturn programs that currently exist to support low income women and women re-entering the workforce after child rearing.
  • Laws already exist that mandate equal treatment in regards to all areas including employment, salary, education, credit, housing, sexual harassment, etc.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that the Equal Protection mandate of the 14th Amendment applies to women.
  • We as women, will gain nothing beneficial from the ERA.  On the contrary, we and our unborn children will be harmed by the stringent, illogical unisex restrictions that will be placed on our society by the ERA.

Please pass this on to others who will help.  Thank you for all you do to preserve the values essential to the well being of our society.

Regards –
Elise Bouc
847-707-1217 cell

To contact your legislators:
Click on the IFI link below, and then click on the gray “officials finder” button on the right-hand side (scroll down to middle page).  Type in your zip code, then follow the directions from there.  You’ll be given a list of your elected officials.  Your state senator and state representative are listed at the bottom of the list. Click on their name and you’ll be given their contact information with phone numbers and email.  You can call their district phone and their Capitol phone as well as email them.