February 25, 2018

Defense Secretary James Mattis

Defense Secretary James Mattis recommended to President Trump on February 23rd that transgender people be able to serve in the military. His statement undermines the President’s announcement from August prohibiting the military from allowing transgender people to serve.  Not only does this pose a burden on taxpayers and is an assault on the privacy of individuals, but it also weakens America’s defenses.

Taxpayers are projected to pay a whopping $3.7 billion over the next ten years on sex-reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for those in the military who are choosing to transition. Included is the time lost while the individual transitions which can take up to four months to a year or longer depending on complications. Secretary Mattis has put a caveat in his recommendation by limiting non-deployable personnel time off for up to one year. However, even after the transition is complete, they require specialized medicine that would need to be available at all deployable locations. Currently, someone with diabetes cannot serve in the military for this exact reason. What makes someone suffering from gender dysphoria any different?

The Center for Military Readiness issued a statement pointing out several concerns such as the bias in the Pentagon’s forthcoming review on transgenders in the military, invasion of privacy, and the damaging indoctrination of our children on this issue among others. To read their statement, click here.

Eagle Forum signed a coalition letter with 137 conservative leaders, including 46 high ranking retired military veterans, to expose the misuse of power that was exerted by several federal judges who issued injunctions to ban the President’s Memorandum. It also urged the Department of Defense to listen to organizations and individuals who have grave concerns about this issue having a negative effect on military readiness. The President must know that Secretary Mattis is on the wrong side of this issue.

Call or email the White House and tell them that Americans are not in favor of turning our nation’s military into a social experiment!

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