April 12, 2018

The Senate is currently drafting the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  The title of this bill has deceived Members into thinking that it helps women, when in reality, it is extremely dangerous to both women and their families.  As Congress is drafting this bill, they need to hear from you so that they no longer further a liberal agenda.

The reauthorization must strike the following policies:

  • An expansion of “reproductive health” programs that ensured abortions would be promoted around the world.
  • Special protections for those identifying as gay were allowed, as well as the promotion of the LGBT agenda internationally.
  • Failure to recognize mutual partner abuse. The focus is solely on a man abusing a woman, however, women can actively be abusers as well.
  • Instead of finding alternative ways to reconcile situations, like counseling, divorce is made a priority.
  • In cases where one spouse is Native American, VAWA gives tribal jurisdiction over domestic abuse situations, even when the other spouse is a non-tribal citizen. This strips the rights of that American citizen.
  • Immigrants who file for VAWA-related relief can receive a variety of state benefits as well as obtain a green card. This is a fast-track to amnesty.

Not only is the Left trying to keep these measures in the reauthorization, they are trying to go even further to force individuals and employers to oppress the rights of others.  Their talking points include making the denial of contraception a violent act and forcing doctors to perform prenatal genetic testing to lure women into abortions.  They have also lobbied to decriminalize prostitution.  These disgusting measures would, in turn, be an assault on women and their rights.

Call or email your Senators to urge them not to include any of these provisions in the Violence Against Women reauthorization bill. 

Contact Your Senators

Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121