November 16, 2017
The Feds Should Not Be Allowed to Stalk Students

As the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act (H.R. 4274) moves through Congress, the threat of a national database of personal information is imminent. The language would come from The College Transparency Act ( H.R. 2434) which would allow the collection of highly personal information throughout an individual’s college career without their consent.  Currently, Congress is entertaining the idea of allowing this language in the House-passed Higher Education Act. 
In 2008, the Higher Education Act banned the creation of this type of record system for the safety and privacy of American families. In the recent years, we have seen consistent hackings of personal data in every facet of society.  The federal government has failed time after time to protect the security of private data.  Although each of this language promise safeguards, it will be a matter of time before hackers crack the code you or your child’s information is exposed. 
These databases would be shared among all federal agencies, which means a large number of people can interact with this information.  This provides an opportunity for corrupt individuals to use your information for political gain.  We have seen the coercion and intimidation of groups of people using divisive techniques in totalitarian governments.  In order to maintain our free society, we must fight to keep these manipulative ideologies out of our government. 
Congress should vote to retain the ban on these massive databases.   
Contact your Representatives to ask that they oppose any language in the Higher Education Act that would create a national database of personal information. 

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