March 30, 2015

Update: What’s Going on in Washington

The latest news about some of the issues Eagle Forum cares about:


Last week, the House and Senate passed their budget resolutions. The Senate also voted on numerous amendments to their budget resolution. Eagle Forum scored several concerned with Common Core, UN treaties, and energy taxes. You can see how your senators voted on these amendments and other legislation on the Eagle Forum Scoreboard.


Eagle Forum is continuing the fight against Common Core in Washington. Along with several other conservative organizations, we called on Congress to block federal funding that forces states to adopt particular standards or assessments. We continue to monitor H.R. 5, the House’s attempt to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. At present, it has not been rescheduled for a vote.


The House Judiciary Committee has advanced several bills that strengthen enforcement of our immigration laws. Improvements include tightening asylum laws and allowing state and local law enforcement officials to enforce immigration laws. Committees in both the House and Senate have held important hearings on immigration-related issues:

Senate Judiciary:

House Oversight and Government Reform:


The 2015 March for Marriage will occur on April 25, which is the weekend prior to the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on same-sex marriage. Marchers will gather on the west side of the Capitol and walk to the front of the Supreme Court.


Eagle Forum is meeting with congressmen and urging them to reject “trade promotion authority” (TPA), which allows President Obama to jam through Congress a trade deal with limits on debate and amendments. Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK) wrote an op-ed in The Hill urging his colleagues to say no on TPA.

Tribute to Phyllis

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) offered a glowing tribute to Phyllis Schlafly in the Congressional Record. The senator noted: “Fearlessly, tirelessly, Phyllis has championed the American family and American values,” and recalled how A Choice Not an Echo shaped his political philosophy.