South Carolina EMERGENCY Legislative ALERT WED. March 25th 9 a.m.

Article V Constitutional Convention of the States (Con/Con) 2 Resolutions!

House Law Subcommittee Hearing: Wed. March 25, 9 a.m.: Blatt Bldg. Room 516.

We Need people to testify and to fill the room as warm bodies. If you plan to testify show up by 8:30 a.m. to sign up and plan to speak for no more than 3 minutes. Wear a paper badge that says Stop the COS Con.

MESSAGE to House Subcommittee: Vote NO on H3096 and H3177 for Article V Constitutional Conventions of the States. South Carolina receives 32% of its revenue from the Federal Government. Can South Carolina afford to lose 32% of its budget if the federal budget is balanced? Or can we afford higher taxes to balance the federal budget? A Convention of the States cannot be limited. Even these resolutions propose numerous amendments. Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has called for the gutting of the Second Amendment by eliminating the individual right to keep and bear arms. Don’t put our state into bankruptcy and jeopardize our right to keep and bear arms by passing Article V Constitutional Convention of the States. (Or write your own message)


S.C. House Judiciary Committee
F. Gregory “Greg” Delleney, Jr., Chairman    803-734-3120   
James E. Smith, Jr., 1st V.C.   803-734-2997     
Christopher J. “Chris” Murphy, 2nd V.C.  803-212-6925       
Bruce W. Bannister   803-734-3138      

EMAIL:,,, (Bannister: especially from Greenville County):

You can also: personally take letters to each of their offices, write letters and take them to the mail room for delivery to each office by House staff, email a letter to FedEx Kinkos on Green Street that they can deliver to the House mailroom for you.

Link to information on States’ Revenue from the Federal Government:

Link to Phyllis Schlafly Column on Justice John Paul Stevens & the Second Amendment:

H3096: New Mexico added a fiscal note to their Article V Constitutional Convention on a Balance Budget Amendment, because when the Federal Budget is balanced states will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal dollars:

H3177: Article V Constitutional Convention of the States. The Convention of States Resolution calls for an UNLIMITED Convention to “limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.” “Limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government” refers to the entire Constitution including Articles I, II, III, IV, V, VI. In other words it would open up the ENTIRE Constitution to change!

Copy of H3096: for a Balanced Budget Article V Constitutional Convention

Copy of H3117: for an Article V Constitutional Convention of States “to impose fiscal restraints of the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and limit the terms of office for its officials.”

Article V Convention: Pouring Gasoline on the Burning Constitution

by Janine Hansen, Constitutional Issue Chairman National Eagle Forum,

Alert prepared by Janine Hansen Constitutional Issues Chairman National Eagle Forum 775-397-6859