Con/Con Alert for Michigan. Vote Wed. Dec. 2, 2015

December 1, 2015

Michigan House Committee will have a hearing on Wed. Dec. 2 at 12:15 p.m.  We anticipate there will be a vote in this committee on Wednesday and then if it passes it will move to the whole House. It has already passed the Senate.

SB306 is Compact for America Balanced Budget Amendment. This is the Con/Con originally from the Goldwater Institute and spearheaded by Nick Dranias. This is a bill to bind Michigan to an interstate compact, the purpose of which is to convene a Constitutional Convention for a Balanced Budget. This is just another route via state compact to the same old Constitutional Convention.

Send written testimony to Committee clerk, Malika. Write to Malika and ask that your letters be submitted as written testimony and be distributed to members. She’ll only distribute them if she has time, so please write to all committee members also. Malika is supposed to put written testimony on the website — just like with Dranias and Richards. Malika’s email and phone:  517-373-7256,

MESSAGE: Vote NO on SB306. 34% of Michigan’s revenue comes from the Federal Government.  Will you vote for a compact to Balance the Budget and lose 34% of Michigan’s revenue? How will you make up for a loss of 34% of Michigan’s revenue? Raise taxes? Please vote No on SB306.

CONTACT: Michigan House Financial Liability Reform Committee (SB306) Compact for America (CFA BBA)

Republican Representatives: (Most important to contact. Most likely to be for Con/Con.)

Democrat Representatives: (Most likely to be against)

More information on Con/Con at:

Alert prepared by Janine Hansen Constitutional Issues Chairman National Eagle Forum 775-397-6859