December 3, 2014

President Obama is the most lawless president this country has ever seen, and we know he will continue to rule by executive fiat until Congress cuts off his funding. The government is currently operating under a Continuing Resolution that will expire next week on December 11th.

The House of Representatives has a prime opportunity to re-establish the separation of powers by using their Constitutional power of the purse to block funding for President Obama’s illegal amnesty. Unfortunately, House leadership is showing little interest in putting up a fight.

Instead of using funding measures, House leadership will have a purely symbolic vote tomorrow on a bill introduced by Rep. Yoho. This bill is nothing but a messaging point that declares the President cannot do what he has already done.

We know the President’s actions were illegal, just as they were illegal when he implemented Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in 2012.

If House leadership wants to have a show-vote, they must make it count by proving they are serious about stopping the President now, not just in the future.

Over the past couple of weeks, many ideas have surfaced on how to fund the government:

  • Conservatives are demanding a short term funding bill that would carry us through the first of the year and allow the new Republican majority to defund the President’s amnesty and make serious spending reforms.
  • House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers has been working behind closed doors with Senate Democrats on a year-long omnibus that would fund the government through next year. This measure does not include language barring funding for amnesty and would prevent the new Congress from stopping the President.
  • In order to avoid a government shutdown, Republican leadership wants to pass a CROmnibus – an omnibus (large package of appropriations bills) that will fund the majority of the government for a full year with an attached continuing resolution (CR) on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations. By holding DHS, Republicans say that they will come back early next year and have a defund fight with the President over his illegal action.

Waiting to take action on the President’s lawlessness means that House Republicans are complicit with the President’s actions and are funding amnesty. We must try to defund Obama’s amnesty now so that we put every Member of Congress on record.

Call your Representative and Senators and tell them that any measure funding the government must cut off spending for President Obama’s amnesty.

Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

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