September 29, 2014

President Obama continues to ignore the immigration laws and promote amnesty wherever he can. Although Congress heard the American people and did not bring the ENLIST Act or any other enlistment amnesty to the floor, the Obama Administration, on Wednesday, issued the first of what we believe will be a string of unconstitutional actions on immigration. His leaders at the Defense Department announced that illegal immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) can now be targeted by military recruiters and granted amnesty if they join. At a time when the Army is issuing pink slips to soldiers on the front lines, the Obama administration has decided that enlisting illegals who broke our country’s laws should be a national priority. It is disgraceful for President Obama to use our military as a venue for his political priorities. He jeopardizes our national security and further undermines the rule of law.

While the administration pushed forward on amnesty, the media focused on Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation. During his tenure at the Justice Department, Holder provided lawyers for illegals, harassed schools struggling to absorb illegal students, and helped formulate the president’s soon-to-be-revealed executive actions to weaken immigration law enforcement. In his hands, our laws were nothing but a tool to be used to achieve political objectives.

Congress needs to know that the American people reject the president’s misuse of his power as commander-in-chief and enforcer of the laws. Contact your representative and senators by email or calling their district offices. Demand that they prevent our military from being used as a vehicle for amnesty. Tell your senators that the next Attorney General must be committed to enforcing our immigration laws, not finding ways around them. Because the president is intent on abusing his power in order to provide amnesty, Congress must stand up for the rule of law.

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Message to US Senators and US Representative

Prevent our military from being used as a vehicle for amnesty!

We urge you to oppose President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. By rewriting our immigration laws, he is taking away Congress’s proper authority and flouting the wishes of the American people.

Recently, the Department of Defense announced that it would target DACA recipients for military recruitment, which would ultimately give them amnesty. In light of the military drawdown, it is shameful to use our Armed Forces for the Obama administration’s domestic political agenda.

The President must hear from Congress: no more. Please take steps to reverse this unilateral enlistment amnesty and demand that the administration stop abusing the laws that Congress wrote and passed.