December 4, 2014

H.R. 5759 by a vote of 219-197. This measure only serves as a symbolic attack on amnesty. Please keep the pressure on your Representatives and Senators!

The only opportunity to stop President Obama’s lawlessness remains the appropriations process. Congress will soon be forced to act and with a dozen Democratic senators expressing skepticism about Obama’s amnesty, it is possible that the Senate could pass defunding language if sent to them by the House. At the very least, every Member of Congress would be forced to go on record about the president’s unconstitutional actions.

House Republican leadership, however, shows no signs of using this opportunity. Instead of listening to conservative members and their constituents, Speaker Boehner is seeking Democratic votes to fund the government. It’s a far cry from his promise to fight amnesty “tooth and nail.”

Keep calling your Senators and Representatives. Every member of Congress needs to take a stand on executive amnesty. There is no time to waste – the House must defund amnesty NOW.