12-06-13 New Threat of Constitutional Convention
12-04-13 Call Your Rep. NOW: NO on HR 3309!
11-22-13 Reid Detonates Nuclear Option
11-12-13 Eagle Forum on Fox News – Defeat Common Core!
11-04-13 Call Your Senators: Stop ENDA!
10-25-13 Ground Zero: Virginia — We need you!
10-03-13 Obama’s Shutdown: Don’t Be Fooled
9-26-13 Now or Never — Tell Your Senators NO on Cloture!
9-24-13 URGENT: Tell your Senators to vote NO on Cloture!
9-23-13 We can defund ObamaCare now! Call your Senators!
8-27-13 August Recess Update Action Needed!
8-08-13 VIRGINIA: Stop Amnesty Town Hall Meeting in Richmond!
7-29-13 Defund ObamaCare Now!
7-05-13 Texas: Letter from Gov. Perry & MONDAY Rally
7-01-13 Join Pro-Lifers in Austin TOMORROW
6-26-13 Amnesty Vote Tomorrow — Keep Calling Senators!
6-26-13 Join Florida Parents to Protest Common Core in Orlando!
6-24-13 Teletownhall on Amnesty Bill Tonight at 7 ET!
6-24-13 Amnesty Vote at 5:30 Call Senators NOW!
6-22-13 Stop Amnesty Fig Leaf Amendment!
6-20-13 Georgia: Senators Chambliss and Isakson Needs Calls Today!
6-20-13 Utah: Senator Hatch Needs Calls Today!
6-20-13 Wisconsin: Senator Johnson Needs Calls Today!
6-20-13 Illinois: Stop Senator Kirk from Voting for Amnesty!
6-19-13 New York: OPPOSE: S 3149 – The Plan to Steal Presidential Elections
6-17-13 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on the Floor tomorrow!
6-13-13 Gang of Eight Rejects Border Security Amendment
6-11-13 How Did Your Senator Vote on the Amnesty Bill?
6-10-13 Continue Fighting CCS in Kansas!
6-10-13 Keep Calling Your Senators!
6-10-13 Amnesty Vote Tuesday Call Senators!
6-04-13 URGENT: Call Gov. Snyder — CCS Defunding Passes Both Houses!
5-30-13 Kansas: Pressure Key Leaders to Defund Common Core
5-30-13 Urge MI Senators to Defund Common Core!
5-28-13 Urgent: Defund Common Core in Michigan!
5-28-13 KANSAS: Last Chance to Defund Common Core!
5-22-13 KANSAS: Common Core will STAND ALONE! Please continue calls and emails
5-21-13 Have You Signed the Letter?
5-20-13 Urgent Action: Stop Common Core in Kansas NOW!
5-16-13 House Passes 37th Bill on ObamaCare
5-13-13 Stop Abortion Horrors in Your State!
5-09-13 Gang of Eight Bill is Amnesty
5-06-13 Amnesty Will Cost $6.3 Trillion!
Tell your Senators to Vote NO on Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Bill
5-01-13 People of Faith Oppose Amnesty!
4-29-13 Tell Your Senator: Secure the Border First!
4-26-13 People of Faith Oppose Amnesty!
4-24-13 Faith-leaders in D.C. Pushing for Amnesty — Please sign!
4-23-13 Join the Fight Against Amnesty!
4-17-13 Amnesty Carve Out for Facebook But No Mercy for Jobless Americans!
4-16-13 Big Business is Lobbying for Amnesty. Is Your Voice Being Heard?
4-02-13 OK State Alert:
Oklahoma: Calls Needed to Protect Property Rights! Time Running Out!
3-27-13 OK State Alert:
Oklahoma: Calls Needed to Help Protect Property Rights
3-26-13 Fight Amnesty Now! Call your Senators While they are Home!
3-26-13 WI State Alert:
Wisconsin: Calls Needed to Oppose “Common Core”
3-12-13 RI State Alert:
Rhode Island: Tell the House Judiciary Committee to vote NO on H 5575
3-12-13 IL State Alert:
Illinois: Tell your Rep. to vote NO on SB-10!
3-11-13 Tell Senators to Defund ObamaCare in CR!
3-07-13 Congratulations, You Stopped Halligan!
3-03-13 Stop Radical Judicial Nominee Caitlin Halligan!
2-28-13 ME State Alert:
Maine: Vote NO on anti-Electoral College legislation
2-28-13 MN State Alert:
Minnesota: Vote NO on anti-Electoral College legislation
2-28-13 OK State Alert:
Oklahoma: Vote NO on anti-Electoral College legislation
2-26-13 RI State Alert:
Rhode Island: Vote No on S 0346 the National Popular Vote
2-25-13 AL State Alert:
Alabama: Block Hagel
2-25-13 OK State Alert:
Oklahoma: OPPOSE HB1530 and HJR1016
2-21-13 Keep up the fight against Hagel!
2-21-13 VA State Alert:
Stop Virginia Liberals from Enacting Major Tax Hike!
2-13-13 Thank Senators Who Opposed VAWA!
2-11-13 AZ State Alert:
Arizona: OPPOSE HB2328 – Interstate Compact to apply for an Article V Convention
2-02-13 Stop Hagel — Keep Calls Coming!
1-17-13 Urge Your Senators to Vote NO on Hagel!
1-08-13 Stop so-called “filibuster reform”!