VOL. 14, NO. 5

July 31, 2012

The Constitution Win in the 2012 Elections:
Some Steps We Must Take

By Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D., National Chairman

America’s political parties will soon conduct their national conventions for the elections of 2012 – a time of unprecedented decision-making for the parties and the nation.   The central issue – not often acknowledged as such – is whether the Constitution and the country and culture it undergirds will continue to survive and thrive.  Or will we rather plunge further into the flames of the Culture War (a climactic battle between the Judeo-Christian and Humanistic worldviews) engulfing us?  In this War the concept of “We, the People,” as well as all other foundational values of our Constitution and culture, are under vicious attack.

What is happening, and why?  And how can “we the people” effectively fight back in defense of our Constitution and culture?  Court Watch has been discussing these critical issues for many months.  Here we summarize three basic steps which we Constitutionalists must take to turn the tide of the War.  The party conventions offer us the opportunity to progress significantly in the right direction.

Our steps must always be informed by understanding the central role that judges have played in our constitutional crisis and our cultural collapse.  Courts have taken specific Constitutional guarantees, forced them through the grid of the Humanistic world view, and corrupted both the Constitution and the culture. At issue here are the basic ideals and institutions of our society.

Humanistic judges have bulldozed our cherished ideals. They have:

  • degraded “persons” to the low estate of animals;
  • transmogrified the right to life into the right to death;
  • morphed the right to liberty into a right to licentiousness;
  • twisted the right to liberty of thought and expression into a governmental power of repression and brainwashing;
  • reversed American law from the “rule of law” to the rule of lawlessness.

In the process, they have attacked our fundamental societal institutions: the individual, the family, the church, the education system, and society as a whole. This has been accomplished through court decisions, such as rulings against the Pledge of Allegiance and Ten Commandments displays, in favor of homosexual rights and “marriage,” in support of the teaching of evolution only, and in favor of the “right” to an abortion.

“Reviving the Constitution” – rescuing it from the moribund condition in which it now  languishes – involves at least three steps which should be taken at the upcoming party conventions and which are summarized below:

  1. Attacking the Right Targets — We must understand that powerful appointed federal judges — Reconstructionist (i.e., “activist/liberal”) judges — are leading the assault on America’s Judeo-Christian foundations in our nation’s Culture War. These powerful Reconstructionist forces are working frenetically to prevent the American people and politicians from understanding the necessity of closely scrutinizing judicial decisions and judicial candidates and incumbents and requiring that they embody/advocate Constitutionalist principles.  These Reconstructionists have erected almost impenetrable barriers (arguments) against close scrutiny by “the People” of our courts and their actions. Among the most effective barriers are the “myths” we have discussed in recent Court Watch Briefings.  These barriers must be prime targets against which we Constitutionalists (i.e., “restraintist/conservative” forces) must launch our heaviest ammunition (arguments).
  2. Articulating the Right Principles — We must understand the basic principles of Constitutionalist philosophy concerning the Constitution itself and apply these principles to judicial decisions and to the philosophies of both judicial and non-judicial candidates and incumbents (all candidates/incumbents are bound by the Constitution and the foundation in which it is rooted and should be held accountable for vigorously upholding these foundations). Only Constitutionalist decisions and candidates/incumbents whose proven philosophy measures up to Constitutionalist principles should be tolerated by us, “the People.”
  3. Applying the Right Plan — A Plan of Action (see our Court Watch Action Plan on the Eagle Forum web site) should be crafted and implemented to curb the courts, a plan involving both judicial selection and Congressional denial of jurisdiction to court efforts which violate Constitutional boundaries on the courts.

Both incumbents and candidates/nominees must be questioned as long and as hard (and their records likewise examined) as is necessary to determine their general philosophy as it pertains to law and their legal philosophy and to their views and values concerning the Constitution.  Only if the positions and answers of a candidate/incumbent are genuinely Constitutionalist should he/she be approved for office by “the People.”

Additionally, Congress should act enact measures that (1) deny courts the power to hear cases Reconstructionist judges want to hear in order to impose their values on law and the culture; (2) refuse to fund and otherwise enforce unconstitutional court decisions.

The upcoming party conventions should make these Constitution-reviving actions a top priority in their debates and party platforms!!!!