April 20, 2018
Gambling Should Not be a Children’s Game

We are all waiting and watching for the Supreme Court to give us their ruling on sports gambling expansion in America. They are posting rulings on April 24, 25 and 30. So, the answer could come soon.

Currently, one state, Nevada, permits sports betting. New Jersey is fully prepared to do so as well. Six more states have bills in process and could implement activity quickly. The rest of the states are farther behind, however, 13 of them are serious and have already started working in case there is an approval to go ahead. So, our country is serious about the possibility.

While we are waiting for a decision we would do well to focus our attention on what might become the worst effect we could see if the SCOTUS rules in New Jersey’s favor.  The bad news results of an expansion of gambling on this scale is enormous. But one problem seems perhaps to be greater than all others: the effect on children.

Much has been written about underage gambling and the increased chances of kids being caught up in a life long addiction to gambling. But most articles are not based on the more recent developments in the “games” kids play on their computers or on the internet. Add the latest “kids games” technologies to the sports we all love and we come up with a very dangerous combination of bad ways for kids to spend their time.

Take a look at this article (which doesn’t even address sports betting) and you will begin to get the picture of what could escalate out of control for thousands of kids if the SCOTUS gets this one wrong.

More children becoming addicted to gambling

Mark Andrews
Eagle Forum Gambling Chair