October 25, 2017

State Eagle Forums around the country should be aware of a very important case coming before the U.S Supreme Court on Dec. 4.  Christie vs NCAA is an effort to overturn the federal ban on sports gambling outside Nevada.  Just think of the implications. Open betting on sports events, blessed by state governments, would be devastating to our already suffering culture. Imagine the advertising and marketing aimed at young people that families would be faced with.

To help the Court better understand the stakes of this critical case an organization known and respected by Eagle Forum, Stop Predatory Gambling, has filed an amicus brief highlighting the harm present day state-sponsored gambling has brought on society and how expanding it to include sports would be a huge mistake.

It points out how state-sanctioned gambling:

  • “uses unfair and deceptive marketing practices to target and prey on the financially desperate and the addicted,
  • reduces opportunity for millions of American families to improve their economic standing
  • and forces even those citizens who rarely or never gamble to foot the bill for the enormous social costs and state budget problems it leaves behind”

The amicus brief is well written and as such is an excellent source of information not only for the Supreme Court case, but also for leaders in every state who want to better understand the devastation gambling brings to our communities in America.  If you have gambling in your state this will help you deal with it, and if not it will help you avoid it.

Mark Andrews
Eagle Forum Gambling Chair