July 12, 2018
Good News: “Republican Majority for Choice” has Terminated; Thanks to Eagles!

Eagle Forum is thrilled to announce that the Republican Majority for Choice (RMC) has shut their doors. The group was founded by feminist and abortion activist Mary Dent Crisp. Crisp made waves at the 1980 Republican National Convention by pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment and opposing a constitutional ban on abortion. In 1988, she founded the National Republican Coalition for Choice which was eventually renamed. She, unfortunately, dedicated her life to undermining the Republican party’s principles on life and women’s rights.The RMC lobbied elected officials and endorsed Republicans who would consistently vote for abortion rights. The results of their efforts produced politicians like Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) who refuses to defend the sanctity of life and even threatens to block any pro-life judge. They advocated for federal funding of family planning as well as embryonic stem cell research.

Phyllis Schlafly at the GOP ConventionTaking up the challenge, in 1990 Phyllis Schlafly launched RNC-Life, which identified and endorsed pro-life candidates. Phyllis also asked Eagle Forum members across the nation to elect pro-life delegates from the states to the Republican National Conventions. Prior to the 2008 Convention, Eagles asked state officeholders and delegates to sign the pro-life pledge written by RNC-Life. Countless Eagles were elected delegates and many represented their states on the Platform Committee. There they effectively championed the strongest possible pro-life planks and other pro-family measures. This monumental effort, coordinated with other pro-life organizations, was instrumental in making the Republican Party pro-life. It was not only the right thing to do. It became cool to be pro-life!

So no wonder there is not enough of a constituency now in the national GOP to support the RMC group, and they have shut down.

Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith stated, “Despite attacks from a minority of pro-choice activists, Eagles will guard the Republican Platform’s Pro-life plank as we continue to defend the rights of the unborn. The end of the Republican Majority for Choice is a signal that we are winning the battle to respect all life from conception until natural death.”

House GOP closes ranks on abortion
Barring a major upset, next year there won’t be a single House Republican who supports abortion rights.