March 16, 2017

The pro-life, conservative movement lost a heroine, and we at Eagle Forum lost a dear friend last week, Colleen Parro Baillargeon.

Colleen was a tireless Eagle for more than 40 years and the co-founder, alongside Phyllis Schlafly, of the Republican National Coalition for Life (RNCLife) and a tireless advocate for life, and other vital pro-family issues, including strategic defense, abstinence education and opposition to nationalized day care. Colleen was also a founding member of Texans United for Life and the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation of Texas.

Here are some reflections from Eagles and other allies who worked closely with Colleen”

Eunie Smith, President, Eagle Forum: 

Colleen was a lovely, effective and persistent warrior for the truth, along with Phyllis, left conservatives a rich legacy through hard-won battles to protect the Republican Party Platform, and by training and inspiring others to keep the platform solidly pro-life and pro-family.”

Mary Summa, Pro-Life National Issue Chair Eagle Forum:

“I was heartbroken to learn of the passing of Colleen Parro, my dear friend of 33 years. I first met Colleen when she accompanied Phyllis on a trip to D.C. when I was a legislative assistant to Senator Jesse Helms. I was so impressed by her poise, beauty and brains and we became fast friends.

When Phyllis started the RNC for Life in the early 1990’s to protect the pro-life plank of the Republican Platform, Colleen, as its Executive Director, proved to be one of the fiercest and effective defenders of life. In large part, it is due to Colleen’s efforts in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008, that the Republican Party has remained a a pro-life party. We should all be eternally grateful for her courage and dedication to protecting the unborn. I am eternally grateful and extremely blessed to have known her. I will miss her dearly”

Connie Mackey, Former Vice President for Government Affairs, Family Research Council:

“I am saddened to learn that my dear friend and colleague in the fight for life has passed on. Colleen Parro was indeed Phyllis’s chief strategist at the Republican conventions and a formidable one at that. In 1995, while working on the Buchanan campaign, I had the good fortune of meeting her. I watched in awe as she set about scuttling all attempts by the “bone breakers” *(her term for the mainstream functionaries trying to keep out prolife language in the Platform.) With her elegant head held high, her quiet, but unrelenting leadership she helped forge the pro-life platform language that guides the Republican party today. I have no doubt there will be thousands of angels greeting her and the Lord will utter ‘Well done my good and faithful servant…’”

Tom McClusky, President, March for Life:

“Phyllis Schlafly made the Republican platform pro-life. It was the tireless work of Colleen Parro that always kept it that way.”

 Jessica Echard Ziegler, Former Executive Director, Eagle Forum:

When I heard Colleen passed away, I felt sadness, but also immediately was reminded of the scripture ‘well done my good and faithful servant.’ Colleen was an enlightening and supportive mentor. She was a gentle answer when I had questions but also taught me ferocity in the fight for life and freedom.

Eagle Forum sends its sincere condolences to Colleen’s family and friends.  It is fitting that this Irish beauty and fierce warrior for the unborn will be laid to rest on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2017.

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Seated: Colleen Parro Baillargeon, and Phyllis Schlafly. Standing: Jessica Echard Ziegler, and Suzanne Bibby.

Seated: Colleen Parro Baillargeon, and Phyllis Schlafly.
Standing: Jessica Echard Ziegler, and Suzanne Bibby.