Exclusive Report:

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Threatens Coal Industry

by Pat Carlson
National Environmental Chairman

Further Reading: United Nations / Global Warming

November 20, 2013

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The second week of the Warsaw climate change COP19 talks is here but this week is different than last. This week the Polish government also hosted the International Coal and Climate Summit just down the street from COP19. The Polish government decided the coal industry needed to have a voice in the climate change debate since 88% of Poland’s electricity production comes from coal-fired power plants. This cheap and plentiful energy source has helped Poland double its GDP since the fall of communism.

Poland has reduced its emissions by over 30% by updating old coal-fired power plants and building new more efficient plants. It was the only EU country not to experience negative affects of the most recent worldwide recession. Poland believes it should be a shining example to the world.

The UNFCCC views coal as a major obstacle to the transformation of the world’s economy and society.

UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres, was asked to be a keynote speaker at the coal summit. Her whole speech was full of subtle threats. She said, “I urge every coal company to honestly assess the financial risks of business as usual; anticipate increasing regulation, growing finance restrictions and diminishing public acceptance.”

She told them they had an opportunity to be part of the new paradigm shift of a new economy by:

  • Closing all existing subcritical plants
  • Implementing safe CCS (carbon capture and storage) on all new plants
  • Leave most existing reserves in the ground (a Climate Commission report claims 80% of fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground to have a stable climate)
  • Invest future capital in renewables (wind & solar).

Figueres sounds just like Obama threatening new regulation and taxation making it cost-prohibitive for coal-fired power plants to operate.

The Chief Executive of WCA Energy and & Climate Committee, Mr Godfrey Gomwe, responded in his speech, “As much as some may wish it, coal is not going away. Coal provides 40 percent of the world’s electricity.” He went on to explain that providing electricity through coal helps bring societies out of poverty.

Always the Children

I have attended 20-plus UN conferences since 1995 and I have seen how those who are accredited become younger and younger. We’ve raised up a generation of young people worldwide who have been indoctrinated into the lie of global warming. The UN works overtime to include young people at conferences giving them a feeling of importance and also giving them familiarity with the UN COP19 was no different.

At the heads of state opening ceremony, a group of high school age young people performed. While they sang for leaders of 194 countries, a large screen above them displayed a drawing of the angelic faces of very small children hugging the Earth. As the singing concluded a hand appeared on the screen writing “we care.”

Later in a press conference, it became very clear how this indoctrination has manifested itself in one young woman. She was attending a press conference held by probably the only conservative non-governmental organization (NGO) accredited to COP19, CFACT. The panel representing CFACT was one of its founders, Craig Rucker, Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham, and Marc Morano former staffer for U.S.

Senator James Inhofe. They gave opening remarks expressing the truth about global warming and its flawed science. Then the floor was open for questions. A young woman of about 22 raised her hand to ask a question. She very arrogantly said she didn’t know what to ask because everything the CFACT speakers said was just “s….” (using the gutter “s” word.) She had no respect for the life experiences, maturity, education, or opinion of the speakers.

These young people never question what they’ve been told.

Animals know best

COP19 has walls filled with pictures of animals (including rodents), bugs, beetles and plants with explanations of how all these need to be protected. There are no pictures of human beings. This is something expected to be present at UN conferences with people attending who worship Mother Earth, but unfortunately, this same message is now in U.S. documents: documents the rest of the world sees.

I had my passport stolen in a Paris airport en route from the U.S. When I got to Warsaw I had go to the U.S. Embassy and apply for a new passport. Inside my new passport there are quotes on pages usually blank. Most quotes come from former presidents and statesmen, but one comes from a Mohawk Thanksgiving address. “We send thanks to all the Animal life in the world. They have many things to teach us as people. We are glad they are still here and we hope it will always be so.”

My Thanksgiving is to my God and creator, not to what God has created.