March 8, 2017

A major battle is taking place in Nevada to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that will impact our entire nation. ERA passed the Nevada Senate on March 1, 2017, and it is poised to pass the Democrat-controlled House (aka Assembly) — if we don’t act. We must do all we can to keep the ERA from being ratified in Nevada. Although ERA has been dead for 40 years, Democrats may claim that it is a binding Constitutional amendment if it passes in Nevada and two other states.

Stop ERAWhat is the ERA? The Equal Rights Amendment is a poorly worded amendment to the U.S. Constitution from the 1970s that would restrict all laws and practices that make any distinctions based on sex. ERA would create a society where gender cannot be defined or recognized but is “interchangeable.” Any law or program that benefit women would be overturned, including Social Security benefits for stay-at-home mothers and widows; workplace laws that provide special accommodations for pregnant women or women who do heavy manual work; exemptions for women from the military draft; gender designations for bathrooms and locker rooms; and programs that support women as mothers, such as alimony and WIC – Women, Infant and Children Food and Nutrition Services for low-income women and their children. In addition, ERA would overturn all restrictions for abortion under the rationale that restricting abortion is a form of sex discrimination. As a result, ERA would also harm unborn children.

ERA was originally ratified by 35 states in the 1970s with a specified 7-year time limit and a requirement of 38 ratifying states. ERA failed before the deadline. Supporters of ERA believe that if they can get 3 more states to ratify ERA, they then can get Congress to retroactively extend the time deadline and make it a binding Constitutional amendment. We cannot allow the opposition to flout the law. We must take the current effort to pass the ERA seriously.

What can you do? Please forward this email and educate everyone you know about the harm ERA would cause America. Anyone who becomes better informed on ERA naturally wants to stop this harmful amendment.  

Please especially reach out to anyone you know in Nevada and encourage them to contact their state assembly district legislator to encourage them to vote no on the ERA. If they don’t know who to contact, they can use the following link. They want the “AD” district contact information.

Additional information on the ERA is included with this email.

Thank you for all you do. Our constitution gives power to each of us to make a difference in our government. Please take a moment today to make a difference.

If you have any questions or need more information please contact:
Elise Bouc *