May 30, 2018
ERA Ratified in Illinois

Illinois voted on the wrong side of women’s rights by voting for an amendment that will harm women and their unborn child. The language of our laws matter and the language of this poorly written, vague amendment will take away the ability to recognize essential biological differences between men and women.

As a result, laws, and policies that benefit women will be overturned and abortion rights will be entrenched in our Constitution. The public must wake up and see through the false statements of the supporters of the ERA. Women are already guaranteed equal rights through the equal protections guaranteed to all persons under the 14th amendment. The Supreme Court has already recognized and ruled favorably for women based on the 14th amendment. Women will receive no additional benefits from the ERA. Instead, they will see their rights and benefits taken away as they are forced to be treated exactly like men with no exceptions allowed.

Elise Bouc