Great night in Prince William County, Virginia!

November 21, 2018

Good morning Anne and Elise,

We won last night! The gentleman who introduced the resolution in favor of the ERA didn’t even get a second! 67 people spoke but our people were in the majority. The feminists were angry. They showed up with emotional arguments without any real reflection of their legal implications. The hearing went until 12:30 a.m. but it was worth the hours of waiting. I wrote emails to all the Supervisors in addition to offering my testimony and two supervisors said they changed their vote because of all the “unintended consequences” we were able to explain would accompany inclusion of this vague amendment in our nation’s Constitution. My Supervisor told me that my email changed his mind and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Corey Stewart who was defeated by Tim Kaine for the Virginia Senate earlier this month, read portions of my email when he explained his no vote and thanked me and the others for educating him on the ERA which had seemed fairly innocuous to him until yesterday. The battle in Richmond will be much tougher but last night was so energizing because you could see that hearts and minds were truly changed! I relied heavily on Elise’s memos and shared them widely with the many pro-life folks who spoke so passionately. A number of the speakers were high school students and one was a young woman from Christendom College who raced home early for Thanksgiving break just to speak out against the ERA.

I joined the Eagle Forum on Monday and am so, so grateful for your support and guidance. It would be an honor to continue to work with you in the hopes of sending this horrible amendment back to the history books for good. On to Richmond!!