January 23, 2019

It was encouraging to see the recent letters opposing the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia; most letters I’ve seen on this page have been in favor.

While this sounds like a good idea on the surface, it will almost certainly have unintended consequences that some who may support it would not desire. The Family Foundation of Virginia will hold a rally in Richmond on Thursday to encourage the legislators not to pass this amendment. (Wednesday morning, a House of Delegates subcommittee killed the ratification effort, but it still could be resurrected.) As Anne Schlafly Cori said in a recent news conference that you can (and should) see at the Family Foundation’s website, “the ERA does not put women in the Constitution, it puts sex in the Constitution and sex has a lot of different definitions today than it did in the 1970s.”

This doesn’t mean we should abandon the idea of the ERA, but as Cori also said, “there’s no reason to put this poorly worded amendment into the Constitution today without a full discussion and vetting by all Americans. The idea that a couple of states can tag on to votes that were taken 50 years ago is a fraud and a cheat on our constitutional system.”


Source: The News & Advance, Lynchburg, VA.
Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, January 23, 2019