The Equal Rights Amendment is an out-of-date idea that was attempted and rejected 50 years ago. Those who understand the consequences of ERA, both intended and unintended, know that this is something we must never consider in Georgia.

Don’t ERAse Women’s Rights!

Stop ERA

  1. The ERA gives women no rights that they do not already have, especially since the passage of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Constitutionally and through federal and state statutes, all American citizens are guaranteed equal access to employment, pay, education, credit eligibility, and housing, to name just a few.
  1. The ERA takes away many of the protections that are currently offered to women:
    1. Social Security benefits for widows and homemakers
    2. Protection from a mandatory draft and front-line military service
    3. Special accommodations for pregnant women in the workforce and the military
    4. Government programs such as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
    5. Protections under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  1. The ERA does not mention women; it refers to sex. In this day of transgenderism and “multiple genders,” what will be the definition of providing equality on the basis of sex?
  1. The ERA will open a floodgate of lawsuits as definitions are challenged and boundaries are pushed for “equal” protections.
  1. In the 1970s, ERA opponents were ridiculed for their concerns that the ERA would threaten privacy and safety for women and girls in restrooms, locker rooms, domestic violence shelters, prisons, etc. We are facing these challenges in our society right now, however, and one can only imagine the lengths to which an ERA would take us in eliminating any reasonable policies that currently protect women and girls.
  1. The ERA will eliminate men’s and women’s sports. This is already happening with some transgender women’s insistence that they be allowed to compete in women’s sports. This is unfair to women athletes who are not as strong and fast as “trans women.”
  1. Because the ERA treats men and women as identical, not equal, pregnancy will be viewed as a disease that receives no particular protections. Abortion will be a federal right that can be paid for with taxpayer funds (expanded Medicaid, etc.). We need only look at what has happened in New York and Virginia to understand the drastic measures pro-abortion activists and legislators will take with an ERA.