April 16, 2019
Washington State introduces bill to Withdraw from National Popular Vote


Janine Hansen, National Constitutional Issues Chairman Eagle Forum 
775-397-6859 director@nevadafamilies.org,

This report came from Washington Eagle Forum state president Cindy Honcoop. She is the one that asked her Representative to introduce the bill. The report was sent to her by State Representative Luann Van Werven.

Here is a link to my bill dropped today to withdraw our state from the NPV (National Popular Vote) compact. If you click on the link for the original bill be sure to read through section 1 and 2. I was able to write that language to spell out the intent of the bill.

HB 2146 – 2019-20 — Withdrawing from the interstate compact to elect the president by national popular vote.

From Janine:

Every state that has passed National Popular Vote should consider getting their Legislature to at least introduce this withdrawal. If not this year, because in most states it’s too late, then start planning for next year.

These 14 states have passed NPV. The NPV Compact needs States with 270 electoral votes to go into effectStates are listed with their number of electoral votes: California 55, Connecticut 7, District of Columbia 3, Hawaii 4, Illinois 20, Maryland 10, Massachusetts 11, New Jersey 14, New York 29, Rhode Island 4, Vermont 3, Washington 12, Colorado 9, Delaware 3 and New Mexico 5 equaling 189 electoral votes. This means that according to NPV Compact they are 70% of the way to their goal or just 81 electoral votes short of putting the Compact into effect! Other states which voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 are most likely targets, although even Republican states are being targeted. We are in danger of losing the Electoral College!!!