September 17, 2018
We the People

Today, September 17, is the 231st anniversary of our great Constitution. Time to open your pocket Constitution and re-read the glorious Supreme Law of our land!

California Eagle Forum held a fantastic celebration for the Constitution: How to Safeguard the Liberties We Cherish, and even included a birthday cake! Led by California State Leader Orlean Koehle, the all-day event was held at William Jessup University near Sacramento and awarded scholarships to attend Eagle Council in Washington, D.C. to two students for their stellar essays on the Constitution.

Anne Schlafly Cori, chairman of Eagle Forum, encouraged the students to become engaged and active citizens. She also spoke on economic liberties:​

"The prosperity of the United States is directly due to this four-page document. We are not smarter than other people in the world. But we do have a Constitution that protects economic freedom for every individual. Our Constitution gives us the opportunity to engage freely in any business, trade, occupation, or profession, plus the right to own private property and the right to enter into contracts that will be enforced. James Madison, the father of the Constitution, said that the security of property was one of government's "primary objects." Only a nation that enjoys economic freedom can enjoy political freedom. Only if we are secure in the ownership of our property and the right to choose our occupation, then do we have the liberty to speak out and vote without fear of having our livelihood confiscated. The prosperity of commerce was a major goal of the Framers."

Eagle Forum is the grassroots guardian of the U.S. Constitution since 1972. First, Eagles prevented the ratification of a dangerous amendment and then Eagle Forum continues to fight against anyone who would seek to throw out and rewrite this miraculous Constitution.