In 1972 at a Texas Federation of Republican Women meeting I spoke with Phyllis Schlafly about the ERA. At the time, she was concentrating on Kissinger, but quickly began to spread the word in opposition to the ERA.

I was president of the Florida Federation of Women for Responsible Legislation which attended the Florida legislative session each year to lobby and testify against the ERA until ERA was defeated in 1979.

Phyllis’ leadership had a strong and lasting influence on my political activities which is still
going strong.

In Miami, I was a 3-nights- a-week nighttime radio talk host on WKAT from 1974-1979, and cohostess on WCIX TV with a liberal feminist, also named Shirley, on ‘To the Point’ once a week
from 1977-1979 and Phyllis was a guest. We had fun!

In 1979 my husband and I moved to my home State of Texas. In 1983, I was elected Mayor of
Corinth where I served for 16 years. I served as a member of the RPT Executive Committee
1998-2006 and on the RPT Platform Committee 1998-2006 and 2010.

I have served as president of the Denton Republican Women’s Club, and president of the Denton
County Republican Assembly. At the present I am a Precinct Chair for the Denton Republican
Party and Legislative Chair of the DRWC. I am a member of the Dallas Eagle Forum, a blogger
on, and a Facebook participant.

My two favorite women were Phyllis Schlafly and Margaret Thatcher.

I shall be eternally grateful for Phyllis’ unwavering devotion to our families, our country, right to
life, and her steadfastness for right principles. I cannot remember ever disagreeing with Phyllis
politically on anything. She was an inspiration to all conservatives who believe in God, Country
and the Right to Life.

May she rest in peace.

Shirley Spellerberg, Texas
A Golden Eagle