TEXAS – “God answered prayers above and beyond what we had asked for regarding our Be The Voice event,” exclaimed TEF President, Trayce Bradford, seen above speaking to the crowd. “Our Attorney General did a wonderful job addressing what he and the OAG of Texas are doing to fight human trafficking on both the sex trade and labor victims.”

Over 200 signed up, 50 different groups were represented including several sheriffs and their task force leaders, as well as some incredible groups from all areas of this fight against trafficking. Connections were made with groups that work in other areas such as pro-life organizations reaching people and having a significant impact through social media, a group that houses girls/victims coming out of trafficking and some that train task force units around the world.

“We are excited for all of the opportunities that come out of new relationships and so grateful for God’s provision for those that had attended,” she said. “So many were involved in this effort and it is a tremendous blessing to have such incredible and talented people to join forces with us to get this event accomplished.”

Meetings are set up with each of these groups and TEF is looking forward to working with them on CPS, pro-life, security and trafficking issues.