December 16, 2016

TEXAS – After reading the Texas Associations of Business study, “The Economic Impact of Discriminatory Legislation On the State Of Texas,” Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum, wrote, “Contrary to what the TAB hopes you will believe by their polls and charts, they do NOT have a referendum on the religious liberty issues. Far from it. The report gives an estimate of proposed losses (with quite a variance) – $964 million to $8.5 billion, however, there is no mention of the impact on women and children when their privacy and safety is violated, or the losses to those healthy businesses, careers and churches when they are targeted because of their faith.” Does the TAB believe there is a price tag that can be placed on the value of privacy and safety concerns for women and children? Does the TAB recognize these people and businesses are part of the community and contribute not just to a bottom line but also to the good will in the community?

Trayce told us, “They also are using these camera’s concealed in door hooks you can buy off Amazon for $14.99.×960-camcorder-surveillance-detection/dp/B00DJTVKKI. “I had a friend that was a victim of this,” she said. “They now have access to place the camera’s in the dressing rooms and restrooms without being questioned. They can then easily go retrieve them!!”

As a woman and a mother, Trayce wants to know that the women and the children of Texas will have their safety and privacy safeguarded. She and Texas Eagle Forum will fight to the bitter end to see that all Texans are assured their first amendment rights. She said, “It is critical that we show a respect for all sides in this debate, whether this plays out in a board room or a legislative gallery! We must be willing to speak the truth, listen to those that disagree and attack the issue not the people. That’s good business for Texas!”

Leaders are invited to connect with Trayce ( to share what is happening in your state in this regard, to learn from one another, and to share ideas.