February 17, 2017

ALABAMA –  Pat Ellis shared how proud Eagle Forum of Alabama was to be part of the Remembrance Project’s Stolen Lives Quilt project.  Each quilt piece is a 3 x 6 banner displaying faces, names and a short story of victims at the hands of illegal immigrants.  Birmingham Eagles raised funds so that their state could be represented in this national project.  The quilt was unveiled at a press conference in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, the lives tragically ended at the hands of illegal immigrants get little attention as Sanctuary cities increase in number.

Stolen Lives Quilt projectAlthough local law enforcement officials are not required to report crimes committed by illegals, we do know from ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) that since 2010, one hundred twenty-four illegals released from jail were later charged in one hundred thirty-eight murder cases.  That’s one hundred thirty-eight Americans that would be with their families today if the Obama Administration had enforced immigration law.

Maria Espinoza is founder of The Remembrance Project.  Her mission is to advocate for the families whose lives were tragically changed forever and to ensure their loved ones would not be forgotten.  Ms. Espinoza was invited by President Trump to meet with him along with border patrol agents and other stakeholders to discuss the effects of illegal immigration and take steps to mitigate harm to U.S. citizens.  Ms. Espinoza was also invited to attend the signing of the Executive Order to build the wall between the United States and Mexico and to end Sanctuary cities.

Maria Espinoza is the lady to the far left standing next to General John Kelley, Dept. of Homeland Security.

Maria Espinoza is the lady to the far left standing next to General John Kelley, Dept. of Homeland Security.

The Alabama quilt is housed at Eagle Forum’s Birmingham office and is a reminder that while we want to be compassionate to all, we must not allow American lives to be put at risk.

More great news!  All three of the pro-life bills that Eagle Forum of Alabama is promoting were reported out of the House Health Committee this week, after public hearings on all of them. To learn more specific information about these bills, click here.