January 13, 2017

Protect PrivacyTrayce Bradford writes, “Good morning ladies! I wanted to let you know that Texas Eagle Forum is taking a firm and front line stand on the issue of privacy and safety for women and children. I reached out to the Benham Brothers who spoke for our banquet last May and who have been successfully leading the charge on this issue in North Carolina. We were able to put out on social media a blog post with a statement from the Benham’s as well as including the Lt. Gov recent press release and it has received strong feedback. http://texaseagle.org/blog/its-time-to-push-back-texas/

Yesterday, one of our stellar conservative female senators, Sen. Lois Kolkhorst came out as the author of the Women’s Privacy Act SB 6. Many of us are very grateful that she is the one leading this important legislation. I can send you the bill language if you like. We are using the hashtags #protectprivacy and #loveprotects.

Another grassroots group sent this meme for us to share and get people using it around the state. We appreciate the teamwork that is happening on these important issues. Cathie Adams built some strong bonds with a number of the most respected grassroots groups and it is a blessing to continue in that tradition.

Yesterday was also a successful day as we saw Dismemberment Abortion Ban legislation filed by strong authors in both the House and the Senate. (SB 415 by Sen. Charles Perry and HB 844 by Rep. Stephanie Klick. We will be strongly supporting this bill and helping Texas Right to Life anyway we can to get this passed.

Legislation that strengthens our state from a security standpoint and that we have been requesting over the last several sessions was pre-filed already so we are going to be able to hit the ground running on those bills. We have been training over 20 volunteers to help be a voice in Austin.

The 85th session starts next week and we have a number of events going on. We are hosting a prayer time for legislators and their families and we are specifically going to honor the spouses. We are also teaming with another group and passing out the book “Well Versed”, by Jim Garlow, relating public policy to biblical principles and we have a book for every legislator. This was a blessing as a young lady working with TEF helped ghost write on this book and was able to get copies to share.

In closing, I had fun yesterday inviting friends to like the new EF facebook page. We have had over 100 respond so far and a number of these people are newer to the governmental arena. I can’t think of a better place to get them started than with EF and you all!