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June 3, 2017 In the Year of Our Lord, U.S. Constitution Art. VII!
On June 2, 2017, we had a Miracle!
SJR16 a State Equal Rights Amendment including
an amendment to require Tax-Funded Abortions
was miraculously defeated.
Please Thank all Republican Senators 
The Nevada Legislature earlier this session passed the federal ERA 35 years after the deadline.   
At the first of this session, the Republicans introduced a State ERA in order to provide cover for Republicans running for office. As introduced, SJR16 had an amendment prohibiting tax funding of abortion. No action has been taken on it all session. Thursday, June 1, it was passed out of committee with no notice, no hearing, and no recommendation. It appeared on General File for a vote on Friday and was moved to the Secretary’s Desk for an amendment. The Democrats on Saturday night amended SJR16 taking out the prohibition against tax-funded abortions. The ensuing maneuvering by Democrats and Republicans on the Floor of the Senate was as exciting as the most heated sports contest.
Nevada Senate 
First Minority Leader Senator Roberson called for a point of order because the amendment handed out was missing a page….finally that was remedied. Then Roberson arose to object to the language saying it would require taxpayer funded abortions. Senator Hardy followed saying it was worse than that because it would require that state pay for RU486 (chemical/drug abortions) which have killed over 2,000,000 babies and that Nevada had no Hyde Amendment like the federal government preventing tax funded abortions.
Senator Ford said the Legislative Counsel Bureau (lawyers for the Legislature) had indicated that SJR16 would have no greater effect than the current U.S. Supreme Court decision. Senator Roberson arose and asked to see the LCB opinion. Ford said it was not written but an oral opinion. Roberson demanded to talk to the LCB. For over one-half hour most of the Republicans spoke with LCB attorneys Brenda Erdoes and Kevin Powers off to the side of the Senate floor. I watched leaning into the glass from the gallery, praying for a miracle. When they finished, Senator Roberson saw me and winked. The Republicans were the only sponsors on SJR16.
After that, one by one the Republican Senators arose and said they were not satisfied with the LCB opinion and requested, according to the Senate Standing Rule No. 112.4, that their names be removed as sponsors. Senator Gustavson was the last Senator to remove his name, so no sponsors remained on the bill. When he finished the President of the Senate, Lt. Governor Hutchinson said. “Is there anyone who wants to sponsor SJR16?” It was as if we were in suspended animation. Silence…after what seemed like a long time but was probably 12 seconds Lt. Governor Hutchinson slammed down the gavel and said, “The bill is dead!” The Democrats had been blinded and silent. They were stunned!. If only one of them had spoken up and said they wanted to sponsor the bill it would not have been declared dead. …a MIRACLE!!!
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