February 17, 2017

constitutionMISSOURI – Anne Gassel, Missouri Eagle Forum’s new Legislative Director, reported that the Resolution for an Article V, Convention of the States, is making its way through the Missouri House. Representative Frederick’s HCR 5 was heard in the Special Committee on Government Oversight on 2/7/17. The bill calls for Congress to call a Convention to propose certain amendments to the United States Constitution that place limits on the federal government. There was an attempt in the language to limit those discussions, but we know that once the Convention is called, the states no longer have control of the process and those limitations do not have to be followed by the Convention. The bill was passed out of the committee by a unanimous vote on February 14th.  It has not yet been assigned to the House calendar.  Anne commented, “COS is no Valentine’s present for Missourians!” She encourages constituents to, “Contact your Representatives NOW and ask them to vote NO when HCR 5 gets to the floor.”