March 24, 2017

KENTUCKY – Shirley Daniel reported that the Kentucky General Assembly is drawing to a close and House Concurrent 13 and HJR 54, which called for a Balanced Budget Amendment and an Article V Constitutional Convention, respectively, never moved out of their respective committees. A Senate Balanced Budget Amendment (SCR 143) was withdrawn. There was concern now that Kentucky has a two-thirds Republican majority in the House and over seventy per cent majority in the Senate, also since Democrats have held the legislation at bay in the past, that it was a targeted state.

One note of interest was that a Democratic committee member of the Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee where HHJR 54 was assigned, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, who is also an avowed feminist, offered an amendment which would have replaced all the sections of the bill with the Equal Rights Amendment. She proposed other amendments for ratification perhaps designed to prevent discussion of HJR 54 one of which would have enshrined, same-sex marriage as a constitutional right.