Shirley Daniel Eagle Forum State Leader reported that Kentucky’s Republican Governor Matt Bevin visited the Senate during the closing hours of the session to personally thank them, saying it has been a phenomenal session. Gov. Bevin also said he was personally grateful because it truly has been a “transformative session.” As reported in the Lexington Herald-Leader, Gov. Bevin said, “Kentucky is better for it. We’ve put seeds in the ground that will germinate over time.”

Senate Bill 1 will establish a new process for the state to intervene in low-performing schools. It is intended to repeal the influence of the controversial Common Core education standards in classrooms and statewide tests. Revisions will be made to the Kentucky academic standards in 2017-18 and every six years after that. Teams of educators from public schools and higher education would recommend changes, with suggestions from citizens.

Governor Bevin made a campaign promise to get rid of Common Core and the groundwork has been laid. It will now require those citizens who are most knowledgeable about Common Core and the long history of Education Reform in the state be involved in the process of replacing Common Core.