July 12, 2017

Pat Andrews shared the following report with us about Eagle Forum of Florida’s outreach to homeschoolers and promoting TEEN EAGLES.

Randy Osborne and Marguerite Cavanaugh, FEF

Randy Osborne and Marguerite Cavanaugh, FEF

Homeschooling has made great strides in the U.S. in recent years as more and more parents try to find a better way to educate their children. Perhaps no state has grown as fast as Florida in this regard. The infiltration of the liberal agenda has very effectively removed God from our vocabulary at school and pulled the family apart. And, in recent years, has even tended to frustrate the very underpinnings of our country. Parents see this and pull their kids out of public schools.

So, it is no mistake that Eagle Forum’s emphasis on God, family, and country should blend into the goals and aspirations of homeschool parents. This is nothing new, but for us in Florida, a new program to bring the two together seemed to be the right way to go. And probably no better way to start than to present TEEN EAGLES to the largest homeschool organization in the country at their annual convention in Orlando held in May.

The three-day event gave Florida Eagle Forum (FEF) the opportunity to have a booth on the Convention floor for the entire time. Attendance was in the 9,000 range and we were able to talk to hundreds of students and parents about the goals we share and how TEEN EAGLES can help.

Marguerite Cavanaugh, Executive V.P. and Randy Osborne, Director of Education at FEF are seen in the photo working the booth. A new brochure (you can see one in the photo) tells about TEEN EAGLES so parents know exactly where we are coming from and how we can help organize clubs in many different cities. Of course, Phyllis played an important part in the development of TEEN EAGLES and we hope to multiply her good efforts as she instructed. Please ask us for a brochure and we will gladly send you one. It will fill you in on all the details. pat@floridaeagleforum.org