January 20, 2017

Shirley Daniel, State President of Eagle Forum of Kentucky, sent the following: Christian, Pro-Life Governor Joyously Signs Two New Pro-Life Bills Passed by First Republican Majorities in 95 Years!!!

Kentucky Republicans won the House of Representatives by a super majority of 64-36 in November 2016. It was the first time that Kentucky has had a GOP Speaker of the House in 95 years. The Republican-controlled Senate had sadly watched their pro-life bills die in the Democratic-controlled Health and Welfare Committee where a pro-choice chairman refused to give the bills a hearing for over a dozen years.In the early days of January, the Republican legislators wasted no time and joyously worked quickly and efficiently together to get the bills passed in only five working days, which is the minimum time it takes to pass legislation. Amidst great fanfare and much thankfulness, Kentucky pro-life citizens watched as our Christian, conservative pro-life Governor Matt Bevin miraculously elected in 2016, quickly signed both bills into law.

One of the two new Kentucky pro-life laws passed as House Bill 2, will require a doctor to perform an ultrasound and present the results to a woman before providing an abortion. Another pro-life piece of legislation, Senate Bill 5 will not allow an abortion to be performed on a woman if she is more than 20 weeks pregnant. It was described quite poignantly in committee hearings as the time when a baby can feel the pain of being crushed and removed from the womb. The vivid description was protested loudly by some pro-choice women.

The Democrat Attorney General has said his office would defend House Bill 2, but will not defend any legal challenge to Senate Bill 5.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a legal challenge to HB 2 in federal court and said it is considering a possible lawsuit against SB 5.

Spirits are high in Kentucky and hopeful that this good news is only the beginning of turning back the clock on years of Democratic-controlled, anti-family legislation.