December 16, 2016

NEW JERSEY – Carolee Adams, Eagle Forum President of New Jersey, submits that Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson is certainly, astute and powerful with broad and deep experience dealing with global leaders – particularly in Russia and the Mideast – to bolster Exxon Mobil where he has worked his entire professional life. But, there are red flags to grant Rex Tillerson the prestigious role of Secretary of State when there are other candidates without these concerns still to consider.

The Daily Caller, a publication of The Heritage Foundation, offered a complete explanation of why we should oppose Tillerson, of which Carolee capsulizes below. She includes also comments fromTony Perkins, President, Family Research Council:

  1. Tillerson Ignored Russian aggression. When Russia attacked the Ukraine, Tillerson condemned sanctions – not the aggression. We don’t want a friend of Vladimir Putin at the State Department. Further, perhaps Mr. Tillerson should divest his holdings in Exxon Mobil to remove any blurry lines between his private life vs. his potential role as our Secretary of State. He now owns $218 million in company stock, and his pension plan approximates $70 million.
  2. As National President of the Boy Scouts, he led the charge in changing their policy to admit openly homosexual members where now homosexual leaders are also embraced. 
  3. Establishment backing
  4. Supports Trans Pacific Partnership
  5. His frame of reference for international relations comes largely through professional deal making in the Middle East, Russia.
  6. During his tenure as CEO, Exxon Mobil financially supported Planned Parenthood.

“Bottom line: it’s not his business acumen, but, rather, his moral clarity that is in question,” Carolee asserts.

If you agree with any of these concerns, contact your two U.S. Senators: