February 18, 2017

From Cindy Honcoop, President Washington Eagle Forum

I am happy to report that Washington State’s SJM 8003 (COS) did not pass out of the State Government committee by yesterday’s deadline and is likely dead for this session.

constitutionOn Wednesday it did receive a hearing and while many signed up to testify in favor (from COS) there were also many testifying in opposition. Robert Kelly, Counsel for Convention of States Action was here from San Diego to testify in favor.

Since the Senate State Government committee chair is a co-sponsor of the bill, and since there was so much more activity by COS this session, I anticipated it being passed out of committee. I am absolutely thrilled it was not.

Companion HJM 4006 received a first reading and referred to committee, but had no hearing or any other movement and is also dead.

Friday was the first cutoff date on our legislative calendar. The fact it did not make this cut signals it is not considered to be a priority bill.

We do recognize that no bill is truly dead while the legislature is in session, so we will be vigilant should there be any attempt to resurrect it.

Cindy Honcoop, State Director
Washington Eagle Forum