March 24, 2016

ALABAMA – Deborah Love, Executive Director of Eagle Forum of Alabama reported that the Alabama House of Representatives had designated March 16, 2017 as pro-life day and it was a big success for human rights of all Alabamians regardless of their stage in life.

Overcoming hours of Democratic filibusters the Alabama House of Representatives passed four pro-life bills we supported. The Assisted Suicide Ban Act- HB96 sponsored by State Representative Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City), Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act- HB24 sponsored by State Representative Rich Wingo (R-Tuscaloosa), Health Care Rights of Conscience Act, HB95 sponsored by State Representative Arnold Mooney (R-Birmingham), and the Right to Life Constitutional Amendment- HB98 sponsored by State Representative Matt Fridy (R-Montevallo). Each of these four bills will still need to pass through the Senate for full passage and all have Senate companions except for HB98.

The focus of pro-life day was protecting all life in all stages of development and growth. The passage of these bills in the House sends a strong message. Alabama wants to protect all life from conception to natural death. All human beings deserve the right to life.

EF-AL actively worked to promote pro-life day by leading a successful social media campaign using the hashtag  #proflifeAL on the same day. In addition to ongoing advocacy and presence in Montgomery promoting these pro-life bills, Deborah designed and distributed stickers which Legislators and pro-life citizens wore all day to promote pro-life legislation. The stickers say, “Protect all Life” in bright colors. There were even some Democrats spotted wearing them on the floor.