Schlafly Statement on Senate Planned Parenthood Vote


St. Louis, MO: The United States Senate attempted a vote today to defund Planned Parenthood from the federal budget and eliminate their receipt of any tax-dollars. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), failed to achieve cloture in a 53 to 46 vote.

“I commend the Senators that lead this initiative and would like to thank all those who voted in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood today,” Phyllis Schlafly said. “We were all sickened by content released in several videos over the last few weeks showing Planned Parenthood executives and employees discussing the sale and profit of the organs and body parts of unborn babies.

“At the very least,” she continued, “this disgusting revelation should merit a swift and full elimination of all federal funds that Planned Parenthood receives. I am thankful for the Senators today who voted for this measure, and I encourage them to continue this battle and see it through to completion. A majority of Senators today voted to defund. Republicans must keep pressing the issue in the appropriations process. We must defund Planned Parenthood now.”

Phyllis Schlafly is the founder and Chairman of Eagle Forum, one of the largest and longest-operating grassroots, pro-family organizations in the country.