Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Steve Toth
for Texas’ 8th District

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 25, 2016
CONTACT: Glyn Wright

Washington, D.C. — Eagle Forum PAC, a conservative public policy organization founded by pro-family leader Phyllis Schlafly, is proud to endorse Steve Toth to represent Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mrs. Schlafly released the following statement:

“Texas’ 8th District faces a clear choice in the Republican primary. The political battles of the Obama era have revealed which Members of Congress are more devoted to the status quo than to defending the Constitution, and, unfortunately, Congressman Brady stood with the Washington elites when it counted most.

“For example, not only did Congressman Brady vote to empower the executive branch on trade and keep education in Washington’s hands, he has repeatedly voted to fund every single one of President Obama’s priorities. He most recently supported the Obama-Boehner budget deal and the ensuing omnibus, fiscally irresponsible actions that busted the budget caps, suspended the debt ceiling, and kept money flowing to liberal priorities such as President Obama’s amnesties and Planned Parenthood.

“Fortunately, Republicans have an alternative choice. Steve Toth has been a conservative hero in Texas. In fact, Texas Eagle Forum named him the ‘Top Rated Conservative in the Texas House.’ Steve has taken on the establishment in Austin and would do the same in Washington. He will fight to reduce spending, protect American workers, and defend the unborn. Steve is a principled conservative ready to stand up for our values in Congress.

“The Republican primary in the 8th District is a true ‘choice, not an echo’ election. I urge voters to pick Steve Toth and send a conservative champion to Washington.”

Eagle Forum PAC supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.

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