April 4, 2018
Pat Daugherty, Ph.D., Georgia Eagle Forum Leader
Quoted by Rush Limbaugh and Dennis Prager

Pat Daugherty

On the radio, Rush Limbaugh provided an in-depth discussion of Dr. Daugherty’s article just published in The Federalist. Dennis Prager and Illinois radio host Michael Coolidge both conducted interviews with Dr. Daugherty, who entitled her compelling story, What I Saw At a College Administrators’ Conference Will Make You Laugh And Cry.

Recently retired as a college administrator herself for almost 40 years, Dr. Daugherty contrasted her experience that included attending these annual conferences which concentrated on helping individual students to adjust and function well in college — to today’s exclusively agenda driven and unbelievably radical conference presentations. As Dr. Daugherty wrote, “The Left need not depend on sociology and women’s studies faculty to radicalize our children. It’s being done quite effectively in student centers and residence halls.”

Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith stated, “We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented lady leading Eagle Forum in Georgia. She is a professional whose compassion for students, most of whom are leaving home for the first time, caused her to report her alarming findings so that both parents and students would be forewarned, students would be less susceptible to such negative propaganda, and college trustees could be alerted to this abuse of trust. As Dr. Daugherty concluded: ‘Our young people are too important to be silent’.”

Mrs. Smith continued: “Dr. Daugherty’s report reveals a profoundly serious problem. Eagle Forum will address what can be done to make our campuses more amenable to education than indoctrination in the future at our annual Eagle Council in D.C. in September and in other venues.”

Dr. Daugherty writes: “…The extremely liberal environment on many college campuses is often attributed to the influence of aging hippie professors intent on indoctrination rather than education. But perhaps even more influential is the army of campus administrators who work with college students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My recent experience at a national conference of such professionals revealed that indoctrination isn’t confined to the classroom. …” Continue reading here.