SCHLAFLY: Kingmakers Forcing Unacceptable
Candidate Ryan Into Speakership


Washington, D.C.: Phyllis Schlafly, founder and Chairman of Eagle Forum, released the following statement today regarding the postponement of elections for House Speaker and Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s exit from the race.

“Tryouts for Speaker continue,” Schlafly said. “The kingmakers are so desperate for someone to carry their liberal priorities that they are trying to force Congressman Paul Ryan into a job he does not want. Proven by his record, Chairman Ryan would be the same type of leader as outgoing Speaker Boehner. Ryan voted to give special rights to homosexuals in 2007 (ENDA), he voted to bail out Wall Street in 2008 (TARP), and upon becoming Chairman of the Budget Committee in 2011, he used his position of power to help punish conservatives for voting their conscience.

“This year, he voted to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty, and as chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means committee, he championed the massive power giveaway to President Obama through Trade Promotion Authority. Just ten days ago, he voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood in spite of a federal investigation into their immoral practices.”

“This is not about personality, it’s about principle. The grassroots want a Speaker who will lead a coalition government, where their voices are truly represented. Paul Ryan would continue the top-down approach to government and the culture of retribution for dissenting voices. Republicans should find a Speaker who is committed to conservative principles and who will stand up and fight to return power to the people.”