Judicial Supremacy Imprisons Christian Woman Unjustly

Judicial Supremacy Imprisons Christian Woman Unjustly

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 3, 2015

St. Louis, MO: Phyllis Schlafly, Founder and CEO of Eagle Forum, released this statement today following a judge’s order to jail Kim Davis, the County Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky.

“Today, a federal judge in Kentucky has imprisoned a woman for adhering to the Bible rather than to judicial supremacy. Liberals pretended this wouldn’t happen, but barely two months after the Supreme Court invented a new constitutional right to same-sex marriage a Christian has been sent to jail for refusing to issue a same-sex marriage license. Courts do not properly make law, and the clerk has not violated any law.

“This imprisonment is a gross injustice, and a terrible abuse of power by the federal courts. Judicial supremacists should not be picking on a rural woman in Kentucky to try to assert federal authority.

“All Americans, including the Republican Party presidential candidates, must stand up now against the tyranny of judicial supremacy. We need legislation to rein in the overreach by federal courts, such as defunding enforcement of unconstitutional orders of imprisonment. Judge David Bunning, who has also issued other liberal decisions in the past, should be impeached by Congress.

“Under our federal system of government, only the state of Kentucky would have the authority to order Kim Davis to resume issuing marriage licenses in Rowan County. No federal law requires Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses, and the federal district judge, David Bunning, had no jurisdiction to rule on a question of state law.”