Eagle Forum Applauds Trump Administration
for Eliminating Business-Killing Regulation

September 4, 2017

Alton, IL – “As the nation celebrates Labor Day, Eagle Forum applauds President Trump for withdrawing an Obama Administration regulation that mandated burdensome requirements for businesses to report salary data based on race and sex,” said Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith.

“The purpose behind the regulation was to lay the bureaucratic foundation for enacting ‘comparable worth,’ a radical feminist concept Eagle Forum has been fighting for decades,” Smith noted. “Comparable worth is a euphemism for federal government wage control.”

The feminists demand this kind of government intervention in order to eliminate the so called “gender pay gap.”

Not only did this regulation place an enormous burden on businesses; it supported a disingenuous statistic. Merely averaging men’s and women’s wages ignores the reality that many women choose to take time off from the labor force in order to raise a family. Many women choose to work fewer hours per week to allow time for other activities. Many women choose less labor-intensive or dangerous careers.  Many women prefer jobs with flexible work schedules. Any job with a flexible work schedule will likely be a lower-paying job.

“Eagle Forum opposes all federal government efforts to control wages and the job killing regulations that come along with such efforts,” Smith concluded, “We are so thankful to have a president who understands that such policy dramatically harms businesses, which, in turn, harms women and men alike.”