For Immediate Release:  March 4, 2019

Alton, IL  Eagle Forum, the pro-family, conservative 501 (c)(4) organization founded by the late Phyllis Schlafly in 1972, commends the producers of “This Happened on Account of Sex,” a documentary on the debate over the Equal Rights Amendment that premiered on MSNBC on March 3, 2019.

“Although it was clear that the documentary producers support the passage of an Equal Rights Amendment, the piece was well-done, and gave fair treatment to those on both sides of the issue,” said Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith.

“Even while arguing in favor of efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, the documentary emphasized women’s advances in the years since the Amendment failed,” notes Eagle Forum Chairman Anne Schlafly Cori. “Americans do not want and never did need ERA. The proponents only argument in favor of ERA is emotional, that it would ‘feel-good’ to put ERA into the U.S. Constitution.”

“The documentary, like so many pro-ERA messengers, misrepresents ERA by presenting only the first Section of the Amendment, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex,” said Eagle Forum Board Member Colleen Holcomb. “The danger of ERA lies in Section Two, which provides a blank check to Congress to enact laws to enforce equality. This politicizes equality and substitutes God-given equality for the political whims of a body with an average approval rating in the teens.”

“The truth is that ERA has no benefit for women, but would harm women. ERA is as dangerous in 2019 as it was in 1972,” said Cori. “We should implement real solutions to the problems impacting our families and communities, instead of pursuing an outdated, unneeded and divisive cause like ERA.”

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